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Although I’m not a fan of Ladies’ Code, this tragic event is really painful to hear about and I’m pretty sure this will leave shockwaves throughout the K-Pop community. Please, I’m asking you to pray for those who knew her and involved in the accident to stay strong through this struggle.
Rest in peace, EunB. You’re no longer in any pain.
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i’ve only been away three days wtf how did i miss a whole weeks worth of new stuff

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Fan: You know those days when you feel exceptionally small? I think today is like that for me. I just feel so pathetic and small and useless… But I could probably be someone that is needed by someone else, right? I could be someone that isn’t small to someone else, right..? Seob-ah

Yoseob: There isn’t anyone in this world that’s not special. You are also an extremely special person.

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Anonymous asked: hi do you mind sharing the action you use for gifs? they always look so nice and mine look awful ;nn;

first!!!! thank you baby ily and i’m sure they dont ): and honestly all i mainly use is just smart sharpening and gaussian blur and throw a pretty general psd on there that usually consists of selective color(s), brightness/contrast, curves, color balance, levels (if needed) and maybe a color fill layer (i usually do a pink/brown/orange and set it to soft light and lower opacity to around 20-40%) 

if that’s too dumbly explained omg i have a psd posted already under my psd link if you want that! it has since been updated to a more simple and ready to use one for various videos and such but i haven’t had the chance to make another post ): however, with a few adjustments to the first one it should be just fine!

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파란만장 러브 스토리 다 어디 갔나?
드라마에 나온 주인공들 다 저리가라

Where did my exciting love story go?
Move out of the way, drama characters

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