i like him

❝the glass bottle that shatters into pieces with a loud noise, is that how we are?

and now, it’s as if we’re needles on a clock that reads 12:30

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For 5 years, 6 members of Beast, were 1 #Beast5thAnniversary

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141016 | 12:30

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hey guys! i figured since beast is having a comeback soon id make a follow forever in case u wanted more beast blogs to follow ❤ or maybe ur the exact opposite n want more variety on ur dash since u know im gonna be reblogging beast non-stop during promotions lmao

either way!! here are some of my favourite blogs ☺ these people have made my tumblr experience so much more enjoyable n have the best personalities/posts! theyre the funniest n sweetest ppl on this site i swear u wont be disappointed if u follow them 😘

beast blogs:

spookyong |emmyoseob jangeleven frankenseob kixxiija | jang-hyunseung-addict | b-2-s-t | chikwang | otbeasteu | queenaozora | b2st-nes | beastrising | chikwang

multi-fandom/non-beast blogs:

taeminyou | peperomint | leetaeil | 94m | leehyorror | ukwno | prismgirls | ghostboygang | xiuhorrors | zitco | 2eun | jangskellington | parkchoas

i know its not a lot ppl but if ur following these blogs u wont need anyone else oh ur dash!!! theyre the best 🎉

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hiatus / semi-hiatus

if y’all haven’t noticed by now ((at least i hope you noticed my recent non-existence //: if not thats ok too i guess haha)) then surprise!! i didn’t know school this year would be this .. annoying and life sucking but it is! and i really need to focus with other things like college apps n testing n grades n all that jazz so yeah i probably wont be very active until.. drum roll.. december! hurray! i’ll probs peek in for comebacks n whatnot but until then i will not be updating as much as i would like to ): ok bye for now pals

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